Tax Compliance Services

Tax Compliance Services

Tax Compliance Services

Tax Compliance Services

Every UAE business must follow taxation rules to avoid penalties and reputational harm. It requires you to declare your income, pay tax liabilities, file the annual return, and fulfill other requirements. In the UAE, you need to comply with the corporate tax regulations and the VAT laws. Missing out on any of these, delays, or inaccuracies can lead to penalties from FTA. FAME can help you fulfil all the requirements of corporate tax and VAT regulations with its expert tax compliance services.

FAME Advisory is a dominant player in the area of business tax compliance services. We help you meet all the taxation requirements in UAE and furnish all necessary reports to the FTA. We ensure you pay the right amount of VAT and corporate taxes to avoid FTA investigations and tax disputes.

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Our Tax
Compliance Services and Offerings

FAME provides a full range of tax compliance services to keep its clients ahead of others. Partnership with FAME lets you transfer the workload of taxation requirements to us. Now, you can put full focus on your core business processes. We handle your tax registration, return filing, refund claiming, and legal disputes.

We conduct regular tax compliance checks to support you through your entire business operations. We help you with the following:

  • Prepare the documents
  • Create and maintain accounting records
  • Complete the application process for submission to FTA

Moreover, if FTA conducts investigations into your tax processes, we help you with litigation support. Our range of tax compliance services includes the following:

Our Business Tax Compliance Services and Offerings

Corporate Tax Compliance Services

Our corporate tax professionals have skills in handling the administration and processes of corporate tax compliance. These services improve your corporate tax position and performance compared to your peers. Startups, small and medium enterprises, and large companies can enjoy our services.

We help businesses in the UAE with corporate tax registration on the EmaraTax platform. We help you fill out the application form and prepare necessary documents to submit and ensure the accuracy and timely submission of the application.

One of the critical tax compliance checks is corporate tax returns filing with the FTA. We fill in the application with all accurate details on tax liability amount. We also add the list of transactions that matter to the application. We gather all relevant documents and submit them in the e-filing process.

We help our UAE clients obtain a tax residency certificate to avoid double taxation. We start with checking your fulfilment of eligibility conditions for a tax resident. We follow this by feeding in the correct information in the application form, attaching documents, and submitting the form to the FTA for further processing.

Like other procedures in corporate tax compliance, a tax clearance certificate is also vital. It proves that the owner has no tax liability or is deregistering from VAT. You can also apply for it if you are going through liquidation or bankruptcy. We help you complete the application form accurately and submit it to FTA.

Another of our essential business tax advisory services is corporate tax representation and litigation support. We represent your case in front of the tax authorities, forums, or courts. We also prepare relevant responses to FTA investigations and handle appropriate documentation. We help you manage legal cases, disputes, and FTA investigations.

VAT Compliance Services

We offer services for all aspects of VAT compliance.

Starting with, one of our crucial VAT compliance services, which is VAT registration service. With this service, we ensure you do not face problems in VAT registration process. Before applying, we also check your eligibility for voluntary or mandatory registration and other conditions.

Our VAT compliance services include frequent checks of your VAT procedures and documentation. Through our VAT audits services, we prepare you for the FTA VAT audits. In the latter case, FTA scrutinizes you on all angles of VAT compliance. We check your records, documents, VAT processes, payments, collections, and return filing.

Helping our clients claim VAT refunds is our primary sales tax compliance service. This situation occurs when you pay more VAT to the FTA than you collect. Our compliance experts help you fill out the application form, arrange the documents, and submit them on time.

Our business tax compliance services also help you follow VAT return filing requirements. It is a document to report your VAT payments and collections. FAME aids your invoicing process, creates proper accounts, calculates VAT liability, and compiles all necessary documents to hurry the return filing process.

Like the VAT registration services, we also help businesses deregister from VAT. We check your eligibility under the possible reasons for deregistration. If you fulfil any one of criteria for VAT deregistration, we help you fill up the deregistration application on the FTA portal.

FAME’s legal support to its clients is one of the key offerings under sales tax compliance. We provide proper support to you in VAT litigations and inconsistencies to save you from FTA penalties. Our VAT representation services help you resolve tax disputes without potential reputational damages.

Why FAME for Tax Compliance Checks

Why FAME for
Tax Compliance Checks?

When you partner with FAME Advisory for business tax compliance services, you get the following benefits:

Access to knowledge and expertise

FAME Advisory is a distinguished compliance services provider in the UAE. Our tax professionals, advisors, and analysts have immense knowledge of UAE tax laws. Our experience with several clients in different industries has developed our expertise to handle UAE tax issues with diligence and timely action.

Complete review of your records and documents

It is crucial to have accurate documents, reports, and records on your tax compliance. You must also validate them before complying with tax laws. We ensure proper record-keeping and documentation of tax-related information under FTA guidelines. Thus, we ensure error-free documents, no delays, and no missing information to avoid unexpected compliance issues.

Timely submission of application forms

Business tax compliance in UAE requires you to submit documents and application forms on time and with accurate details. We help you in these processes to get your tax residency and clearance certificates. Our tax professionals also ensure accurate and timely compliance with VAT and corporate tax return filing.

Commitment to client satisfaction

FAME employees work on the value of commitment to clients’ needs and expectations. We deliver what clients want from a credible tax compliance services provider. We study their business’s tax issues, make changes in procedures and systems, and carry out compliance procedures. Thus, we ensure you achieve compliance and are satisfied with service quality.

Security from penalties and fines

The most significant merit of fulfilling all the corporate tax and VAT requirements is no penalties from FTA. Tax compliance also gives you safety from possible reputational damage. And we, FAME, as your business tax advisory services provider, provide quality services to ensure this security.

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Onboard the UAE’s one of most trusted advisory firm offering various tailored services to support all upcoming & existing businesses across the UAE.
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