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VAT Refund Services

VAT Refund Services in UAE

FAME Advisory DMCC offers you VAT refund services in Dubai. It’s one of the essential requirements to obtain a refund when you pay more amount than you collected.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE is the consumption tax on goods and services. Output tax is the tax imposed on goods or services sold by a taxable person in UAE, which you collect from customers. Input tax is the tax imposed on goods or services purchased by a taxable person in UAE, which you pay to suppliers.

FTA has devised an easy procedure to claim VAT refunds in Dubai. However, it is always better to get professional help from expert VAT consultants.

FAME Advisory can help you apply for Dubai VAT refunds. We help you maintain proper records and documents and submit them at the time of your VAT refund application. You can enjoy the refund amount without even the stress of applying for it.

VAT Refund Services in UAE
VAT Refund Services in Dubai

Our VAT Refund Services

FAME Advisory is a reputed and credible provider of VAT refund consultancy services in the UAE. Besides, VAT refund services, we help clients comply with VAT requirements, such as registration, deregistration, returns filing, and audit services. Filling up the application form for claiming refunds is a part of our VAT compliance services.

Our VAT consultants have extensive knowledge and experience handling the administrative procedures of VAT requirements. We have a proven track record of helping clients across several sectors with VAT compliance. We help you claim Dubai VAT refunds after submission of VAT returns or while filing VAT returns.

Your UAE VAT refund claims support is just a call away

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How we Help You Obtain the VAT Refund Complete Process

There’s a dedicated processes that we follow for businesses expecting VAT refund. Our VAT refund process is based on the UAE government’s direction.

Log in or Sign up to the FTA Portal

We create an account on FTA’s e-services portal for your business. If you already have the login credentials, we will sign in directly. From there, you get the access to various services and one of them is application for the VAT refund.

Our VAT consultants help you with the following:

VAT Refund

Fill in all the Details in the Form

We complete the application form on your behalf by adding all the required information. Our expert VAT consultants have years of experience in filling out the VAT refund claim application.

For filling up the form, we will add the following information in the fields accurately and complete it:

Once we fill in all the details, check their accuracy, and click ‘Submit’.

Receive VAT Refunds in Dubai

After you submit the form, the FTA sends a notification on the result of your refund application after reviewing it within 20 business days. If the FTA approves the refund, it will process the payment within five business days. You can check the Dubai VAT refund amount under the transaction history section under the My Payment tab on the e-Service portal.

Documents to submit for VAT Refund in Dubai

We arrange the following documents for your entity and submit them while claiming VAT refunds in UAE:

VAT Refund Services

Want to claim VAT refunds in Dubai?

Worry not, for we are here for necessary assistance.

FAQs : VAT Refund Services

Foreign businesses can use the business VAT refund scheme to apply for VAT refunds in Dubai. But there are different conditions for it. If a business is a resident in a GCC state, which has not implemented VAT, it can claim VAT refunds for the tax paid on expenses incurred in UAE.

A foreign business resident in a non-GCC country and satisfying the following conditions can apply for VAT refunds under UAE VAT laws:

  • It must be registered as an establishment with the relevant authority in the jurisdiction in which it is established
  • It should not have a place of establishment or fixed establishment in UAE or a GCC state with an established VAT
  • It must not be a taxable person registered under the UAE VAT system
  • It must be from a country providing VAT refunds to UAE entities in similar circumstances

FTA rejects VAT refund application under the following conditions:

  • Wrong attachments
  • If you do not respond to the FTA’s request for additional requirements within five working days
  • If the VAT returns filed by you do not match the summary in the VAT refund claim form

If the taxpayer does not wish to request VAT refunds, the excess recoverable tax can be carried forward to the subsequent tax periods. And then, you can use it to offset the payable VAT and/or penalties imposed on it.

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