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UAE Immigration services

Immigration Services

UAE Immigration services

People are considering moving to the UAE for the business opportunities and high living standard it offers. And FAME advisory is here to address this need with its immigration services in UAE. Whether you require employment permit, dependent visa, Golden residency, or any other UAE immigration services, we are here. It’s best to partner with an expert consultant to access smooth immigration process and hassle-free movement to the UAE.

We, as an expert immigration services provider, ensures complete guidance throughout the process. You’ll receive help at every immigration step to make your way to your dream destination easier. It will also save you time in arranging documents, understanding regulations, and preparing yourself. You can avoid getting into the complications of the visa process, including identifying the right visa.

To get all these benefits of UAE immigration services, FAME is your one-stop solution. You can share your visa requirements with us, and we will process your application accordingly. We aim to ensure that you meet all the prerequisites for the visa. Additionally, we provide valuable assistance during the visa process to get the desired visa.

FAME Advisory is a dominant player in the area of business tax compliance services. We help you meet all the taxation requirements in UAE and furnish all necessary reports to the FTA. We ensure you pay the right amount of VAT and corporate taxes to avoid FTA investigations and tax disputes.

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Our UAE Immigration Services

FAME is renowned for its smooth UAE immigration services. Clients who access our services are backed by a strong team of immigration consultants and advisors. We provide our UAE immigration services for the applicants from across the world. We will understand your profile and reason for moving to UAE. Based on that, we will process your application and ensure that

Our esteemed consultants take care of all your immigration and visa needs. We offer a range of global immigration services to achieve the best outcomes per your requirements. With our extensive experience in immigration services in Abu Dhabi, we have achieved credibility in the market. This is because through our services, we ensure that immigrants can achieve their goals in the UAE.

Our UAE Immigration Services
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Prepare the documents

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Create and maintain accounting records

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Complete the application process for submission to FTA

Moreover, if FTA conducts investigations into your tax processes, we help you with litigation support. Our range of tax compliance services includes the following:

Our Dubai immigration services
includes the following:

UAE Immigration Services

Golden Residency in UAE

One of our Dubai immigration services is helping with Golden Residency. You can apply for a golden residency with our help for 10 years. It allows you to study, work, and live in UAE for an extended period with no sponsorship requirements, provided you are:

We will help you get a Golden Residency in UAE if you meet any of these conditions.

We help businesses in the UAE with corporate tax registration on the EmaraTax platform. We help you fill out the application form and prepare necessary documents to submit and ensure the accuracy and timely submission of the application.

Employment Visa for UAE

Our UAE immigration services also include Employment Visa for UAE. With this visa, we will help you to move to UAE’s exceptional work environment with tax benefits and ultimate growth opportunities.

If you have a job in the UAE and a company appoints you, you can get an employment visa in the UAE. A UAE employer in a government, free zone, or private company can sponsor a standard work visa. However, freelancers, entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and investors have to apply for a green visa.

We help you with both of these employment visas with our immigration services. We check your eligibility, collect your documents, follow the rules, and submit the application. We also help company clients cancel the employment visas of their employees.

Our Immigration Services in UAE

Our VAT compliance services include frequent checks of your VAT procedures and documentation. Through our VAT audits services, we prepare you for the FTA VAT audits. In the latter case, FTA scrutinizes you on all angles of VAT compliance. We check your records, documents, VAT processes, payments, collections, and return filing.

Dependent Visa for UAE

FAME’s immigration services in UAE, include complete assistance for dependent visas. If you are working in the UAE and want your spouse or kid to stay with you, our dependent visa service is the best option. This visa option allows your family members to stay and travel with you in the UAE.

To help you with this service, we take care of your application process and documentation. We make our best efforts for you to live with your family members in the UAE.

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Why choose FAME for Dubai immigration services?

You must choose FAME for immigration services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other Emirates of UAE because of the following reasons:

Our consultants are thorough with immigration laws, policies, procedures, latest changes, and trends. Such familiarity allows us to help you with timely information, up-to-date advice, and proper guidance. Based on your eligibility, we create an immigration strategy for you to prevent potential obstacles.

FAQs For UAE Immigration services

Our immigration services include your movement to any Emirates of UAE. We ensure a hassle-free process to ensure success of your visa application. We follow the below steps:

  • Meeting you (the client) to know your immigration needs
  • Pre-assessment of your eligibility for the desired visa or permit
  • Filling out the application form with accurate details
  • Gathering all relevant documents and their copies to be submitted to relevant authorities
  • Creating the letter
  • Submitting the application form, along with all documents
  • Analysis of any cases of refusal or specific response from authorities

Different immigration options exist in the UAE with varying conditions and eligibility criteria. If you are talented or specialist in a specific field, you can get a Golden visa. If your spouse is working in UAE, you can opt for dependent visa. If an employer sponsors your stay in UAE with a job, you can apply for employment visa. Thus, there are various options.

You must contact us to know the right immigration option for you. Our experts will comprehend your needs and goals in immigrating to UAE. Based on your needs, goals, and profile, we fill you in on the possible immigration options. Such consultation will help you identify the best visa relevant to you.

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