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Webinar on Corporate Tax (CT) Registration

Webinar on Corporate Tax (CT) Registration

FAME Advisory has come up with an exclusive webinar on Navigating Through Corporate Tax (CT) Registration. The aim of conducting the webinar is to keep everyone updated on the latest rules and guidelines concerning Corporate Tax Registration.

FAME Advisory’s tax veteran, Karishma Bhuwalka, is going to take you through a journey that starts with the basics and goes to the complex aspects. The highlight of the webinar is the easy-to-understand content, dedicatedly created to impact simplified learning to the attendees.

What does our Corporate Tax (CT) Registration Webinar Cover?

The FAME Advisory’s webinar on corporate tax (CT) registration covers all the essential aspects of corporate tax registration:

  1. Type of persons covered: Here, the speaker will explain to whom the corporate tax registration is applicable and under what conditions.
  2. Timeline prescribed for Corporate registration: Explanation of the prescribed timeline; it contains information about Fiscal year-end, the First reporting period, and the due dates for filing the first CT return and payment.
  3. How to register for Corporate Tax: In this section, our taxpert will explain the complete corporate tax process with step-by-step instructions.
  4. Practical challenges involved: Theoretical knowledge isn’t enough and therefore, we have come up with the webinar containing practical challenges that users face during corporate tax registration and how you can overcome them.

Who should Join Our Corporate Tax (CT) Registration Webinar?

The webinar will be useful for:

  • Business owners, managers, and compliance officers who handle corporate tax activities and compliance for an organization.
  • Tax enthusiasts and upcoming consultants who wish to advise people on UAE corporate tax matters.
  • Finance professionals who are involved in tax planning and reporting matters.
  • Legal professionals who deal with corporate tax matters.
  • Individuals and students who wish to learn about corporate tax laws and regulations for their professional or academic growth.

Benefits of Joining Our Corporate Tax (CT) Registration Webinar

  • Expert guidance on CT registration matters
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest corporate tax registration guidelines
  • Practical tips to ensure that CT registration stays smooth
  • Enhanced compliance by detecting gaps in your CT registration
  • Improving CT tax management skills and knowledge

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain important CT registration insights.

About Speaker

Karishma Bhuwalka is an experienced chartered accountant who has been working in the field of direct & international taxation for more than a decade. Karishma strives to provide solution-oriented advisory for clients & ensure tax compliance. Over the course of her professional journey, she has helped several firms solve complex group structure and transfer pricing issues. Moreover, she ensured compliance for clients at an affordable cost without compromising quality.

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