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UAE TRC for Individuals: Essential Documents and Application Process

UAE TRC for Individuals: Essential Documents and Application Process

UAE TRC for individuals is essential for individuals to establish their tax residency status, fulfil other regulatory requirements, and avoid paying double taxes, i.e., paying tax twice on the same income in UAE and any other country, forming part of a tax treaty alliance.

Let us have a quick overview of the conditions laid down in cabinet decision no. 85 of 2022, which will apply for individuals based on their number of days of stay as listed above:

As per cabinet decision no.85 of 2022, Individuals can obtain TRC for domestic purpose, if

Now, let us see how to make application for TRC –

A Resident Individual can apply online by registering on the Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) EMARATAX portal.

After successful registration, follow the steps below:

What’s New in the UAE TRC for individuals?

The portal now allows the applicant to select the Number of Physical copies of TRC required which can be selected at the time of making application as well as after making the application.

The applicant, prior to submission, must review, confirm, and make payment of the submission fee and submit the TRC application.

Upon receipt of the TRC application form and the corresponding documents, the tax authorities will review the application. The tax authorities may request additional information or documents if required.

When the application is complete in all respects, the FTA will issue the Tax Residency Certificate at the address chosen by the applicant for receipt of the same.

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